Midlake Product Spotlight:

Vinyl Tech Kennels

What simply started out as an inquiry for an off-the-shelf spring hinge has turned into an out-of-the-box-custom integrated spring hinge solution

“My installation time has been cut by one-third and the overall appearance and performance of my product is more professional. Midlake has really helped to improve my product.”

-Mike Miller, Owner of Vinyl Tech Kennels

Our customer, Mike Miller (owner, Vinyl Tech Kennels), had been purchasing a standard spring hinge overseas at a fairly reasonable price.

However, Mike was forced to purchase large quantities. Lead times were long and often unpredictable.  The spring also was pre-engineered to the hinge manufacturers specifications so the torque was not optimum for his specific application.

We Talked to Mike and Discovered What He Really Needed.

Once we started talking to Mike, we realized he had other challenges beyond just the spring hinge.  He was fabricating the mating aluminum door in-house. Not only did this previous design take his time away from other areas of his business, he constantly fought alignment issues with the multiple spring hinges. Also, he was required to fabricate and install a shim plate behind the hinges to provide the appropriate offset. So what we now realized, Mike wasn’t just looking for the same old hinge. He really needed:


  • A reliable domestic source
  • A hinge with the right torque specific to his application
  • Improved alignment
  • Elimination of the shim
  • A way of saving time and money while increasing quality.

Every hinge attaches to something and in Mike’s case, it was a vinyl pass-though hole cover. The cover was previously fabricated and vinyl welded in plastic but Mike was looking for a cleaner more durable product.

Our Cost-Effective Stainless Steel Solution

Midlake once again responded by providing a type 304 stainless steel fabricated solution. This option was very durable, easy to clean and cost effective

Finally, Midlake took things one step further and offered to attach the new integrated spring hinge to the new stainless steel pass through door. The result? A completely out of the box solution.

To see if Midlake may be able to help you with an integrated hinge contact us at sales@midlake.com or call 800.443.1190.