Powder Coat

In-House Powder Coating

If you’re looking for a powder coating company, Midlake offers in-house powder coating using a phosphate-free, non-reactive cleaning process. The phosphate-free method is more eco-friendly. Read about our decision to incorporate industrial powder coating services into our offerings.

Powdercoat Work

How Does Powder Coating Work?

The powder coating process creates a more durable finish. A powder is applied to metal components and then heated, which bonds the coating to the product. The application of powder coating makes the metal resistant to corrosion, while providing a durable and consistent finish.



Why Phosphate-Free?

Through ample testing, we have found equal or better results using the more environmentally friendly, non-reactive phosphate-free wash. For those interested, we can provide samples and test data to support the quality vs traditional methods.


Quick Turnaround

Midlake’s automated line provides quick turnarounds and allows us to run high production volumes with ease. We also have a batch system for smaller production runs and manufacturing prototypes.



Our Capabilities

In-house powder coating helps us save you time and money. With Midlake, you can have your metal fabrication product completely finished by one vendor. We cut out the middleman, the time necessary to ship to a powder coating facility and the expense associated with two vendors and shipping.


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