What is a custom hinge

What is a custom hinge?

Custom hinges are built to a manufacturer’s specific application. Custom hinges incorporate specific hole locations, non-standard lengths, unequal open widths and many other features. Midlake specializes in hinges that include special features like springs, PEM hardware, stop features, custom pins as well as value added operations such as forming, welding, and machining. Midlake can also help with finishes like powder coating, plating or brushing.

How are custom hinges manufactured?

At Midlake, we take the capabilities of a metal fabricator and combine them with the experience of a hinge manufacturer. Rather than using traditional stamping presses, we manufacture hinges using CNC Fiber Laser technology. This allows us to manufacture hinges without expensive tooling or set up costs.

What are the most common hinges you manufacture?

We most commonly manufacture integrated hinges, spring hinges, continuous hinges and butt hinges for numerous applications and industries.

Where can you find custom hinges?

Custom hinges can be found in every industry. Anytime a hinge is designed for a specific application, it is categorized as custom. At Midlake, we have experience working with OEMs and manufacture hinges in nearly every industry.

Which industries do you serve?

With more than 30 years of experience building custom hinges for OEMs, job shops and industrial manufacturers, we have worked in almost every industry including; transportation, industrial equipment, enclosures, medical, food processing, energy, store fixtures, military, oil & gas and many more. If you require a custom hinge for your application, we can help.

When should you call Midlake?

If your application requires a hinge you can’t find on the shelf or your normal hinge supplier can’t help, or their quotes have multiple exceptions, give us a call. Contact us today to learn more.

Does Midlake offer in-house powder coating?

Midlake is currently working to bring powder coating back in house. Midlake also works with a number of approved vendors to provide quality powder coating, plating, and other finishes.

What are Midlake’s standard tolerances?


.XX +/- .030”

.XXX +/- .015”

.XXXX +/- .0030”


+/- 2°

Hole Diameter

Ø +/- .003”