Hinge Configuration Terminology

For more than three decades, we have helped OEMs manufacture hinges based on their needs for their specific application. We understand that each hinge is different and serves a unique purpose. Learn more about the terminology we use:

Plain or Standard Type Hinge

Plain or Standard Type Hinge

Leaves lay flat in the same plane in an open position

Reverse Assembly Hinge

Reverse Assembly Hinge

Neither leaf swaged.  Opposing leaves extend laterally from opposite side of the pin. Leaves will not close to a parallel position.

One Leaf Full Swag Hinge

Swaging Hinge

Forming one or both leaves within the proximity of paint clearance toward or beyond the center of the pin.

One Leaf Half Swaged Hinge

One Leaf Half Swaged

One leaf swaged one half of the pin diameter.

One Leaf Full Swag Hinge

One Leaf Full Swaged

One leaf swaged equal to the pin diameter. Both leaves will be parallel when in closed position.

Reverse Swaged Hinge

Reverse Swaged

One leaf swaged to simulate reverse assembly. Leaves will not close to a parallel position

Offset Hinge


Forming one or both leaves in the proximity of the paint clearance away from the center of the pin. When both leaves are offset and in a closed and parallel position, the dimension between the leaves will be greater then the pin diameter.

Forming Hinge


Special bending of the leaves other than swaging or offsetting.

Multi Leaf Hinge

Multi Leaf Hinge

Made-to-order hinge with one barrel and several leaves.

Unequal Lead Hinge

Unequal Leaf Hinge

Unequal leaf hinges are available in all material and gauges. Leaves should be measured from pin center to outside edge of leaf.

Multi Barrel Hinge

Multi-barrel Hinge

Made-to-order hinge with as many leaves and barrels as necessary. Variations in barrels and leaves are available.

If you have any questions about hinge terminology, contact us anytime and we’ll connect you with one of our experts.