1. Hinge Length – The length of the leaves measured parallel to the pin
  2. Open Width/Hinge Width – Overall dimension measured perpendicular to the pin
  3. Leaf – The portion of a hinge extending from the knuckle which revolves around a pin
  4. Leaf Width – Measured from the center of the pin to the outer edge of the leaf
  5. Knuckle – The circular part of a hinge through which a pin is passed
  6. Pin – Diameter of rod, which runs parallel to the length of the image.
  7. Knuckle Length – Individual knuckle measured parallel to the pin
  8. End Play – The amount of axial movement between the leaves
  9. Paint Clearance – The space dimension from the knuckle edge to the adjacent leaf edge
  10. Pitch – The dimension from one point on a knuckle to the same point on an adjacent knuckle on the same leaf

Reference the visual schematic to the right.

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