Our Gravity Self-Closing Hinges use gravity instead of springs for a safer, stronger option.

They’re designed with emergency access in mind. Typical spring hinges can
cause doors to slam shut, and the springs are susceptible to breaking.

Specific Application

Serving the Bathroom Partition Industry

Midlake is North America’s premier manufacturer of gravity hinges, also known as continuous helix style hinges or bathroom partition hinges.

Specialized Hinges

Midlake uses a proprietary process to
create a safety edge.

Our gravity hinges combine a safety edge with a satin finish, providing a safer option with no sharp edges.

Gravity Hinges Provide Many Features.

These hinges are excellent for:

Large, heavy door applications
Large, heavy door applications
Heavy Door Applications
High-traffic areas such as
schools and airports
Maintaining Privacy
Cost-effective custom

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