It’s an out-of-the-box streamlined solution

With an integrated hinge, many parts become one. Many of your tasks become one job – ours.

Custom Integrated Hinges™

You are designing a custom hinge perfectly fit for your specific application. You require creative freedom while maintaining an acute awareness of improved quality and total landed cost.

Midlake’s experience and manufacturing capabilities can turn your vision of seamlessly integrating multiple parts and processes into a single source reality.

If this is what you envision, it is not found on a shelf. That’s okay. At Midlake, we provide custom integrated solutions everyday.

Examples of Previous Custom Integrated Hinge Applications

Integrated Hinges Combine Parts and Processes to Save You Time and Money

Part of what makes Midlake America’s best custom hinge company is that we see the big picture. By working with you to study the project, we can combine parts – hardware, doors, base units, hinges, panels – to create one strong unified hinge that saves you time and money.

Midlake will:

  • Manufacture hinge & surrounding parts
  • Unify all components into one hinge
  • Provide speciality finishes
  • Ship a final integrated hinge that’s ready for you out of the box!

You won’t have to chase down many parts, deal with multiple vendors and contracts, or manage assembly, finish and inspection. America’s best custom hinge manufacturers will do it all for you!

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