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Don’t settle for an off-the-shelf commodity hinge. Midlake’s Custom Continuous Hinges are quickly manufactured specifically to your application.

Custom Continuous Hinges

At Midlake you are not limited by catalog sizes or commodity configurations. Midlake custom continuous hinges are manufactured specifically to your application, providing you virtually unlimited design options.

Here’s what Midlake custom created for other customers.

What custom continuous hinge can we make for you?

Midlake Custom Continuous Hinges

The main benefits of custom continuous hinges are improved weight distribution and alignment. A Midlake custom continuous hinge is manufactured specifically to your application– incorporating countless configurations including holes, slots, multiple leaves, special widths, lengths, assembly, forms and finishes are required for your project.

Midlake makes custom continuous hinges that provide high strength and superior alignment for: enclosures (traffic, environmental, machinery, electrical, etc.), warehouse doors, blast doors, tool boxes, electrical doors, bathroom partitions, lockers, and many other applications.

Industries and applications for continuous hinges

One of the reasons that continuous hinges are also called piano hinges is because the lid on a piano is one of the common places you might see this type of hinge. It is particularly well-suited to uses of this nature, as on the piano it connects a heavy lid to the top of the instrument without straining the perfect and delicate construction.

At Midlake, our customers use continuous hinges wherever smooth movement, accurate alignment, and simple installation are essential, including the following industries and environments:

  • Custom body builders
  • Metal fabrication
  • Enclosures (traffic, environmental, machinery, electrical, etc.)
  • Kiosks
  • Blast doors
  • Tool boxes
  • Electrical doors
  • Bathroom partition doors
  • Custom storage lockers
  • Weapon storage
  • Specialty vehicles

Choose Midlake for America’s best custom hinges

If you are in the market for custom manufactured continuous hinges, Midlake is the best choice. When you choose Midlake to manufacture your custom hinges, including continuous hinges, you will find that we add value to your production. With virtually no constraints in width or length, holes, slots, forms and finish, Midlake will manufacture what you envision, making this custom continuous hinge the perfect hinge for your needs.

Midlake’s Off-the-Shelf Continuous Hinges—Superb Quality and Great Lead Times

Sheet Metal Fabrication Butt Hinge Template

Pictured: Standard continuous hinge modified to meet a client’s specific needs.

A standard hinge is a great choice if standard configurations meet all of your requirements and you are not forced to sacrifice. At Midlake, these standard hinges are manufactured in larger volumes and placed on the shelf for immediate delivery. Customers that don’t require large quantities still benefit from better pricing and lead times because of these larger runs.

All standard continuous hinges are stocked in mill finishes without holes or forms. However, we are happy modify your standard hinge quickly and cost effectively.

If a standard continuous hinge solution is needed for your application, our wide range of off-the-shelf butt hinge materials and sizes will surely offer what you’re looking for.

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