Custom Hinges: It’s what we do. Every day.

Midlake custom hinges are manufactured to accommodate your company’s specific application. You’ll be surprised at how many options you have that will save you time, money and simplify your product.

CUSTOM HINGES – It’s all we do


The best solution is rarely found on a shelf especially when you’re developing a new product. Besides, at Midlake punching a few holes in an off-the-shelf hinge is not what we consider custom. That’s like tossing a few candy sprinkles on a vanilla cone and calling it a new flavor!

Midlake listens to you to fully understand your company’s needs. Our flexible manufacturing capabilities, which includes laser cutting, significantly reduces time and tooling while increasing accuracy and repeatability. Our hinges feature non-standard characteristics such as special notches, unusual hole diameters, shapes and mounting options, unequal hinge lengths and widths, customized operating arc and other countless combinations and configurations.

This saves you time, money and simplifies your project.

Integrated Hinge Panel

Integrated Hinges

A single integrated hinge replaces many individual parts.

Custom Spring Hinge

Spring Hinges

Calculating the spring is often more important than customizing the hinge.

Custom Continuous Hinge

Continuous Hinges

Custom continuous hinges provide high strength and even weight distribution.

Types of Hinges

Other Types of Custom Hinges

Often, the hinges we create deserve names of their own.

What You Should Know About Midlake Custom Hinges

Midlake offers:

  • Fast quotes within 24-48 hours on custom orders.
  • Typical 15-to-20 business day delivery.
  • Flexible service schedule.
  • Flexible manufacturing capabilities.
  • Specialty hinge products.
  • Custom hinges for finished products.
  • Custom orders for OEMs.
  • All orders built to your specifications.
  • Custom manufactured hinges.

Customers ask, “Don’t custom hinges always cost more and require more time?” The answer is no. Midlake can simplify and reduce costs when we integrate parts, improve manufacturing efficiency, reduce steps for both procurement and assembly. Allow us to show you the value of America’s best custom hinges versus the limited offerings of commodity manufacturers and distributors.

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