Manufacturing custom parts involves plenty of science, but that doesn’t necessarily mean things always turn out with the precision you had hoped for.

The truth is that even with the best engineers and technology, you never know if a custom part is going to work until it’s made and ready to test in the real world. Unfortunately, we’ve heard horror stories from a number of customers who tell us about manufacturers that said that wasn’t their problem. This is not how Midlake treats customers or manufacturing. We’ll stick with the job until the part works perfectly for you.

A Recent Example

Recently, we had a customer order a part from us that resulted in this problem. They needed one of their current parts redesigned and came to Midlake for the job. Before completion, our engineers stopped the process to test the part and gain feedback. This is an important part of any manufacturing process because, as we mentioned above, things don’t always turn out the way you want. The sooner you catch a problem, the sooner you can fix it without the customer needing to pay extra.

The Problem

Based on our customer’s feedback, we found that they needed to redesign the part in question because they had found problems early on. In order to ensure we could help, the customer was invited to our facility and asked to inspect the item to see if further tweaks were needed.

We assembled the product after their initial inspection and found the changes that would need to be made in order to get the part “perfect.” The modifications included new clearance, a change to the fit, and errors in the print that had to be addressed. By working directly with the customer, we ensured that the changes we wanted to make would fit their needs exactly.

Initiating a Solution

Midlake was able to help the customer because, first and foremost, we have knowledgeable engineers who were capable of understanding the problem, the solution and what it would take to create it.

They engineered changing prints and then modified the product based on the customer’s feedback so that the appearance would match their blueprint.

The Midlake Difference

While other manufacturers are all too happy to leave their customers with a problem like this, Midlake doesn’t believe the job is done until our clients are happy. One thing we’ve always prided ourselves on is the ability to collaborate with our customers to create a better finished product, especially when the first attempt didn’t go as planned.

We have never simply shipped out a custom part and hoped for the best. It isn’t our customer’s job to “take it from there.” As the manufacturer, it’s our responsibility to make sure the finished product is the one our customers need, even if it means the original print they had for us wasn’t the one we ended up using.

When things don’t go as planned, that’s when Midlake is at our best. In this scenario, we brought our whole team together to address the problem. By focusing everyone’s attention on an issue, we know there’s nothing Midlake can’t do.

Best of all, this leaves us in a much better position to handle further projects on the client’s behalf. We now know exactly what it takes to make the product they need and they know Midlake is a company that won’t quit when something doesn’t go as planned. Future projects will not only end better, they’ll get done faster.

At Midlake, we like to think there are a lot of things that separate us from the competition. Aside from the machines we use and the people who use them, we believe it’s our ability to form a relationship with a customer and then our dedication to valuing that relationship which eventually wins the day.