One of the things that people rarely think about with their doors, lockers, and other enclosures is the hinges. So as long as they aren’t falling off, they do not seem to attract much attention.

However, there is often a hidden problem lurking, and it’s costing your company money unnecessarily.

Let’s take one of our clients as a prime example. We were manufacturing hinges for billboards, chutes, lockers, and enclosures for them, and they were having some issues with their lead time.

However, they had trouble with their lead time because the hinges were always different and they always had to be customized for their different products.

What Was the Company Doing Wrong?

One of the biggest issues was the fact that the hinges were a bit longer than they could be shorter – by about a quarter of an inch.

However, the company never bothered to question why, or really look into whether or not the extra length was really necessary. They designed their hinges without actually thinking about what length would be right or even really knowing what the finished length would be.

The Client’s Internal Hinge History

The client in question had been cutting their own hinges at odd lengths. Naturally, this posed some problems with their production. Even a small deviance in the hinge – that quarter of an inch we talked about – can cause some rather large issues.

When you consider this added size that they were putting onto so many of their hinges, you have to think about the added cost. Even a hinge that’s slightly too large can end up costing a company a substantial amount of money, especially when you consider the vast number of oversized hinges they were producing. While they may have been consistent with the hinges they were making, they were simply too large and it ended up costing them too much money.

How We Helped

At Midlake, we believe in being as proactive as possible when it comes to the design process. Getting things right in design makes the rest of the process flow far more smoothly.

Working with clients closely on design, and other aspects of the process helps us to ensure the client is getting the best results.

Some of the benefits that come from the close relationship include:

  • Improved, smarter stocking
  • Better functional design
  • Better delivery times
  • Improved cost
  • Better product quality
  • Consistent production

We teach our clients about our overall capabilities and all of the other things we are able to offer them as well. In addition to hinges, we can offer help in all of the following:

  • Sheet metal fabrication
  • Laser cutting
  • Forming
  • Punching
  • Custom manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • Finishes
  • Sales consultations

We know hinges, and we know what different products are needed in order to be functional and efficient.

In this particular case, we were able to provide the company with some suggestions when it came to standardizing their hinges. This improved their product, made production easier for them, and helped to lower their costs substantially. We also talked with them about getting out of their comfort zone and challenging assumptions, and even reviewed their designs. Ultimately, we taught them about the how and why of the process to ensure efficiency.

Check Out More About What We Offer and How We Can Help

As you’ve seen, we’ve been able to help this client, along with many others, when it comes to their hinge problems. However, we’re here to help you in a host of other ways as well. We can help you learn more about extra tolerances and the costs, our design expertise, and whether you really need to have custom design.