Why off-the-shelf usually costs more than custom

Why does an off-the-shelf $2 imported butt hinge cost more than a $5 American-made custom continuous hinge?   Consider this scenario one of our long-standing customers faced for their indoor application while under tremendous pressure to reduce costs.

Concealed Hinges – Basic in Theory, Complex in Construction

A concealed hinge is any hinge that tucks into the product, rather than mount on the outside. Many customers utilize this hinge for aesthetic purposes, but some use this hinge because it prevents snagging or damaging to the hinge or surrounding products. Concealed hinges are basic in theory, but more complex in construction. Custom Concealed Glove...

Midlake by the Numbers

When you work with Midlake, you can expect: expertise, efficiency, quality, professionalism. 98: Midlake is proud to carry a 98% on time shipping rate.  We understand that our customers have to halt their productions if we don’t live up to our expectations. They depend on us, and we deliver.

What’s that Extra ¼” on Your Hinge Really Costing You?

One of the things that people rarely think about with their doors, lockers, and other enclosures is the hinges. So as long as they aren’t falling off, they do not seem to attract much attention.

Get a Design Consultation Before Simply Asking for a Quote

The poor, lowly, hinge… often an afterthought in product design and manufacturing, but completely capable of shutting down a project if not done properly.