Don’t Turn It Away; Turn It Around

  When work is flowing, turning down a small job here and there, or a adding a minimal delay may not seem like a big deal. However, in the long run, those type of decisions can be costly to your business.

How to Get a 75% Cost Reduction in Prototype Manufacturing Cost

It can be difficult to pinpoint the real cost drivers when it comes to manufacturing prototypes.

Adding Capacity to Your Manufacturing Business with Outsourcing

In our industry, it’s pretty typical for manufacturers to have limits where their capabilities are concerned. This means since they can only produce a certain amount of product, there comes a time they need to adjust their capacity so they can either catch up on an influx of orders or experiment with new processes or products.

When the Specifications You Created Just Don’t Work

Manufacturing custom parts involves plenty of science, but that doesn’t necessarily mean things always turn out with the precision you had hoped for.

Why cleanliness is so important in manufacturing

For some people, keeping things neat and tidy is a major challenge.  However, for all the messy people in the world, there are many who thrive on keeping things orderly and clean. When it comes to running a top-notch manufacturing business , is there room for both personality types?   At Midlake Products the answer is “NO”!