What Type of Metal Fabricator Do I Need?

Metal fabrication can mean different things to different customers. Metal fabricators offer a surprisingly wide range of services. This means that choosing a metal fabricator for your job might be confusing.

Why off-the-shelf usually costs more than custom

Why does an off-the-shelf $2 imported butt hinge cost more than a $5 American-made custom continuous hinge?   Consider this scenario one of our long-standing customers faced for their indoor application while under tremendous pressure to reduce costs.

How Midlake saved Vinyl Tech Kennels time and money with out-of-the-box solution

BACKGROUND: Vinyl Tech Kennels was using an off-the-shelf spring hinge purchased overseas. The Vinyl Tech team fabricated and installed the mating aluminum door and shim plate to complete the hinge solution they needed.

Midlake by the Numbers

When you work with Midlake, you can expect: expertise, efficiency, quality, professionalism. 98: Midlake is proud to carry a 98% on time shipping rate.  We understand that our customers have to halt their productions if we don’t live up to our expectations. They depend on us, and we deliver.

When the Specifications You Created Just Don’t Work

Manufacturing custom parts involves plenty of science, but that doesn’t necessarily mean things always turn out with the precision you had hoped for.

Why We Love Laser Cutting!

Although many of the machines that perform laser cutting are the height of modern technology, the practice actually began some 30 years ago. Since that time, the popularity of these amazing machines has grown so much that more than 3,000 of them are installed all over the world every single year.

4 Benefits of Stainless Steel Hinges

Before you decide on what type of steel to use for your hinges, read these 4 benefits of choosing stainless over other types of metal. There are significant long-lasting benefits to using stainless steel for hinges over other options. Stainless steel hinges have a significantly higher resistance to rust (oxidation) and corrosion against many...

What Is a Butt Hinge and Why Would You Need One?

As one of the more highly utilized recessed hinges, a butt hinge is typically manufactured to be about 6 inches or shorter. They have multiple uses and are installed for a variety of different applications. Generally, a butt hinge is used to mount and operate doors on commercial properties and residential homes.

Benefits of Using Continuous Hinges

Some manufacturers occasionally refer to a continuous hinge as a piano hinge. It is one of the more popular varieties of hinges and is utilized in numerous applications that require extensive use and intense wear and tear. It is designed as a way to evenly distribute weight and minimize stress on any component that it is attached to. A continuous...

What type of powder coating finish is best?

Powder coating is an interesting process of bonding paint to metal using heat. The paint is actually applied electrostatically in powder format to the product, and then cured in an oven where it forms a protective finish. The end result is a finished product that has a durable coat of paint and whose protective qualities are unmatched by...

Spring Hinges – a Closer Look

Spring hinges have a variety of applications in both industrial and commercial settings, and is our “go-to” hinge that we use any time you need assurance that the door will close completely. Many times, spring hinges are used in commercial applications at locations where employees hands are full (restaurants, manufacturing plants, hospitals),...

Tips for Incorporating Hinges into Your Product Design

The functionality of the product you need can work and look its most appealing when designed into the original concept. Our customers often report that by meeting with one of our design engineers ahead of time to address hinge issues, they able to get a better designed product that lasts longer and costs less to manufacture. These types of...