specialty-hinge BACKGROUND: Vinyl Tech Kennels was using an off-the-shelf spring hinge purchased overseas. The Vinyl Tech team fabricated and installed the mating aluminum door and shim plate to complete the hinge solution they needed.

PROBLEM: While they were able to get the hinge at a reasonable price overseas, there were several variables Vinyl Tech wasn’t able to control. Lead times were long and unpredictable and the team still had to fabricate additional parts, which meant that they constantly fought alignment issues. Mike Miller, owner of Vinyl Tech Kennels, talked to Midlake about his product and needs, determining together that he needed:


·         A reliable domestic sourcevinyl-tech-door-510x409

·         A hinge with the right torque specific to his application

·         Improved alignment

·         Elimination of the shim

·         A cleaner, more durable product

·         A way of saving time and money while increasing quality


specialty-hinge-assembly-510x451SOLUTION: Midlake manufactured an out-of-the-box solution by attaching all needed parts to the integrated spring hinge. Using 304 stainless steel, the needed hinge was made to be durable, easy-to-clean and cost-effective. “My installation time has been cut by one-third and the overall appearance and performance of my product is more professional. Midlake has really helped to improve my product,” Miller said.


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