Every hinge attaches to something, a door, hatch, hood, cover or access panel. Midlake knowing what the hinge is attaching to along with additional parts that make up the final assembly provides our customers a unique opportunity. This insight enables Midlake to provide alternatives and suggestions that ensure optimum performance and quality at a lower landed cost.


Military Radius Spring Hinge

Have you have ever shopped or purchased a storm door, closet door, screen door or even doggy door at the local box store? More times than not, the hinges are already attached to the frame and door. These manufacturers have realized that pre-installing the hinges adds value while improving the quality, cost and overall customer experience. They have made hanging a door easy for the average weekend warrior.

If you have ever tried to hang a door without pre-installed hinges most likely your experience was very memorable and I think you know exactly what I’m talking about. How many hinges should I use? Is it right handed or left handed? Do I really have to mortise these hinges into the frame? Where are all my tools? Does it swing inside or outside? I didn’t account for this or that, back to the hardware store. What you think should take ten minutes ends up taking all weekend and when it is finally “hanging” it really doesn’t operate as you hoped and you certainly didn’t save any money when you consider your time and frustration.

Like these manufacturers, Midlake adds value by providing you an out-of-the-box solution. We provide you with options specific to your application which at the end of the day will save you time and money.

Midlake manufactures hinges every day. Oftentimes we also manufacture the door or panel for the customer as well. We can pre-install the hinges to the door and oftentimes integrate the hinge directly into the door. Midlake utilizes the latest in metal fabrication capabilities to provide other metal fabricated and machined components for our customers. This streamlines their buying process, reduces freight, and improves delivery and cost along with overall fit and function.