A concealed hinge is any hinge that tucks into the product, rather than mount on the outside. Many customers utilize this hinge for aesthetic purposes, but some use this hinge because it prevents snagging or damaging to the hinge or surrounding products. Concealed hinges are basic in theory, but more complex in construction.


Custom Concealed Glove Box Hinge

The right concealed hinge is nearly impossible to find on a shelf, because it involves more factors than a hinge mounted on the outside of a product. When you have a hinge on the inside, you have to look at interference issues, along with all the other factors hinges normally incorporate. At Midlake, we build a concealed hinge designed specifically for the base on which it will mount.  By doing this, you won’t have to make adjustments if the hinge doesn’t fit inside your product, because you know it will.

A lot of customers go through a painful search before they realize they can’t find the concealed hinge they need on the shelf.  Their hesitation with buying a custom hinge is often the assumption that custom means expensive and time consuming.  Neither of those is true.  The cost it takes for us to build a custom hinge is often less than the cost and labor expense needed to cobble with an off the shelf hinge in order to make it fit on your product.  And our company is located in Northeast Ohio, so you won’t be waiting on the same lengthy shipping process you find with most custom products made in foreign countries.

We preach this for many hinges, but it is especially true for the concealed hinge: don’t waste your time with an off the shelf hinge!  In the end, it will be a more expensive and time costly project.  Choose a custom hinge, and choose Midlake.