Some manufacturers occasionally refer to a continuous hinge as a piano hinge. It is one of the more popular varieties of hinges and is utilized in numerous applications that require extensive use and intense wear and tear. It is designed as a way to evenly distribute weight and minimize stress on any component that it is attached to. A continuous hinge is extremely easy to align and install, and is seen as the perfect solution for any type of application that is performed on a tight budget.

Continuous hinges are fabricated in a variety of finishes and materials that include aluminum, stainless steel and steel. They are developed specifically to handle extensive wear and tear and hold up well against harsh environmental conditions. There are many applications that require a continuous hinge to hold up a heavy amount of weight, other than just being installed on a piano to hold the heavy lid. In commercial use, many electrical doors, blast doors, barn doors, and wholesale doors are fabricated using large continuous hinges. It is also the type of hinge that is often used in toolboxes and sheet metal work.

Advantages of Continuous Hinges

A continuous hinge has a significant advantage over other varieties of short hinges, as they are easy to cut to match the entire length of the lid or door that needs to be on a pivot. A continuous hinge can be incorporated or integrated into the entire unit to provide the ultimate support along the entire length. This will ensure that the door and the frame (or lid and frame) will be kept in perfect alignment, and that the entire load is evenly distributed along the height or length of the door or lid.

A continuous hinge also has other significant advantages including the ability to maintain the frame of the door in an exact position to minimize wear and tear. The continuous hinge will automatically dissipate any pressure when continually opening and closing the door. It provides extreme uniform strength along the entire length and generates a pivot action that remains smooth and even. It can also be constructed to prevent any exposed hardware, and can be designed to be less susceptible to tampering or environmental conditions.

Other advantages include:

  • Less Noise – Generally a continuous hinge will produce significantly less noise than a conventional hinge.
  • Easy Installation – The continuous hinge can be easily installed on any existing doorframe and door as an economical, easy solution.
  • Extended Life Span – In direct comparison to a traditional butt hinge, a continuous hinge is far superior and has a much longer extended life span.
  • Identical Operation – The design of the continuous hinge automatically ensures that each leaf operates identically to the other. This minimizes the effort required to open and close even the largest and heaviest commercial doors.
  • Increased Security – Because of the inability to pry the door off its continuous hinges, this hinge variety offers a higher degree of security for restricted or secured areas.
  • Increased Privacy – A continuous hinge offers a high level of privacy in exam rooms, file rooms, lavatories, executive offices and other places where it is desirable to create the inability to see between the door and the jamb.

With the ability to provide a more precise alignment than a traditional butt hinge, the continuous hinge is the ideal solution for many applications. With a smooth pivotal action, and premium axial rotation, it is a low-cost and economical alternative compared to traditional hinges. Its versatility and ease of customizing makes it suitable for all types of individual applications. Manufactured in a variety of attractive designs, these hinges are easy to install and very simple to operate.