In our industry, it’s pretty typical for manufacturers to have limits where their capabilities are concerned. This means since they can only produce a certain amount of product, there comes a time they need to adjust their capacity so they can either catch up on an influx of orders or experiment with new processes or products.

Companies that are unable to make these adjustments incur past due orders to customers, reduce the quality of their products to meet requirements, lose business and/or increase the cost of delivery.

A Recent Example

Midlake provides the necessary manufacturing capacity for a number of our clients that can make their own products. Recently, one of our customers had to break into their lasers in order to change production so they could manufacture a specific part.

In order for them to do this, they would need to spend extra money each time it was necessary to stop production and re-tool the laser. Of course, aside from the monetary price, this would also cost them time, guaranteeing they’d end up missing important deadlines.

Obviously, neither of those consequences is acceptable to a competitive company. Unfortunately, many of them don’t know any better but to accept them as the price of doing business. Over time, though, that price becomes too expensive.

The Solution

Fortunately, Midlake was able to help out because we could handle this adjustment for them. For one thing, we start and stop projects all the time for our customers. If an emergency change needs to be made, we have a 2nd shift and can simply add this order to their workload.

Amongst other things, this type of capability means we can deliver the solution customers need much more cost-effectively than they can. In the example above, it was just an extension of their laser capabilities. Midlake simply added laser etching into the part numbers for identification purposes. This allowed them to cut parts and sort them more effectively as well as labeling them for everyone’s benefit.

The Benefits

This type of service makes things much simpler for our clients. We have designed our company’s production capabilities specifically so they can be adjusted at the drop of a hat. What this means for our customers is that Midlake is always a solution when their own capacity starts to become a bottleneck.

Over the years, Midlake has consistently helped our customers when they faced this kind of problem. We have accepted unplanned—but essential—orders and had them on the shop floor within 24 hours. This then allows us to service the order and have the results back to our customers within just four to five days.

Again, because we know these issues will occur, our engineering process is designed so that these emergency orders can be addressed with a minimum of interaction. This makes it as streamlined as possible.

We like to think this means our customers never face a true emergency where capacity is concerned. The worst case scenario for our clientele is that they have to wait less than a week to get the parts they need.

Unfortunately, many other companies out there work with manufacturers that don’t offer this kind of service. When they run into an emergency, then, they’re practically guaranteed to miss a deadline. Of course, often times, one missed deadline begets another begets another, etc.

Not only can we absorb the excess orders, we can ramp up or down as needed without our customers having to commit to a certain amount.

Above all else, Midlake is about building relationships with our customers and then proving that we value them. Our capacity services are just one more way that we are dedicated to seeing our customers succeed, even when the unexpected happens.