Why does an off-the-shelf $2 imported butt hinge cost more than a $5 American-made custom continuous hinge?


Consider this scenario one of our long-standing customers faced for their indoor application while under tremendous pressure to reduce costs.

Their application was a 2-pound door that employees used to stock supplies. Because of the higher cost associated with a custom hinge, our customer initially chose to go with a cheaper option that was rated to hold 2 pounds.


Initially, this decision seems to pay off. But over time, they started to receive more and more complaints about hinge failures and even injuries in the field. Upon investigation, it was discovered that the door was indeed just two pounds but the employees that stocked the shelves and used the doors to lift them back to their feet were not. The added force of the employee was too much for the hinges and they couldn’t hold up over time.

Our customer quickly realized the perceived high cost custom continuous hinge was actually the lower cost alternative and provided significant value over the cheaply imported counterpart.