Videos from Midlake Custom Hinge

Midlake Reduces Vendors

Watch this video to see how Midlake helped this customer reduce their amount of vendors used for a project. Midlake brought everything together and streamlined the project to help reduce the lead time and save the customer money.

Integrated Hinge Case Study

Midlake eliminated the need for the customer to spot weld pieces together. They were able to take this custom hinge out of the box and mount it right on their application. See how we did it!

Custom Butt Hinges

Have a product that needs a custom butt hinge? Custom isn’t expensive, lead times aren’t long, and your part will work just as you planned. Find out how.

Continuous Hinges

Watch this video to find out why you don’t have to settle for mass produced continuous hinges. Ordering custom continuous hinges from Midlake and it doesn’t take a long time or cost you more.

Integrated Hinges

Watch this video to find out how integrated hinges solve design and production issues.

Custom Spring Hinges

Find out how custom spring hinges are made and get the facts about costs and production times. Also see a list of some of the engineering considerations that go into making custom spring hinges.

How Custom Hinges are Made

Take a closer look at how custom hinges are manufactured at Midlake Products.



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