Laser Cutting

Sometimes you need to switch between large production runs and smaller batches of different materials and various sizes in a matter of minutes. Our advanced fiber laser technology provides you that flexibility and accuracy unlike other methods of cutting metal. With automated capabilities for lights-out production, we help decrease your lead times at lower operating costs.

Turret Punching

If your project requires a lot of holes or special features like embosses, louvers, lanes, and coined holes, our turret punching capabilities have you covered. Our new laser-turret combination machine features automation and tool change options that suit your specific requirements. You now have access to lights out production and/or around the clock operation; a wider range of production capabilities, and scratch-free processing of complex sheet metal parts without additional costs from additional secondary operations.


Eliminate bottlenecks and inconsistencies that come with a manual deburring process. Midlake offers a variety of deburring options that provide consistency from your first to last part and from job to job. Our specialized equipment deburrs your punch parts and laser cut parts; rounding the edges and making them safer for you to handle. Using a top and bottom process in a single pass, the edges and inside cutouts of your parts have more surface area for secondary processes such as paint or powder coating.

Press Brake Forming

When you need quality, repeatability, and quicker lead times, our precision press brake services offer state-of-the-art bending equipment and software that generates the optimal blank size for each form. This means we produce your components to tighter tolerances. With no extra setup pieces and the ability to program brakes offline, you receive your parts quicker while saving on costs.

PEM/Self-Clinching Hardware

We offer in-house hardware insertion/pemming services to help streamline your assembly. Our Haegar machines enable us to seat a large variety of fasteners in less time. Whether imperial or metric, we can insert hardware into steel, stainless steel and aluminum for your standoffs, studs, nuts, spacers and more.


Demand in manufacturing is constantly changing. To help you keep up with industry needs, Midlake offers a variety of welding services including MIG (metal inert gas), TIG (Tungsten inert gas), and spot welding and cobot welding. With our ability to run multiple shifts, our experienced welders have the flexibility to get what you want, on time, from materials such as steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

Assembly and Kitting

With over 40,000 unique SKUs processed, we understand how some kits and assemblies can be quite complex. Get peace of mind with our streamlined assembly and kitting services that include Light Assembly, Product Kitting, Custom Packaging, Drop Shipping.

Powder Coating

Ensure that your parts are long-lasting, durable, and corrosion resistant with our in-house, phosphate-free powder coating services that use reverse osmosis water (RO water). Our automated powder line features an in-line conveyor and batch system providing quick turnarounds for both your high- and low-volume production runs.

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