About Midlake

Midlake custom hinges give you what you need, with no compromises. And custom hinges are often more cost-effective than off-the-shelf.

Quick facts about Midlake:

  • We provide custom hinge solutions for OEMs, job shops and industrial manufacturers

A Family Business

The Rich family has owned and operated Midlake since 1987, but the family’s history with the hinge and hardware business began long before. What started in a garage has grown to fill a 65,000 square foot facility where we make more than 650,000 hinges every year.

We welcome you to visit our facility, where you can see firsthand our commitment to the highest safety and quality standards.

In addition to making the best custom hinges, we believe strongly in giving back to our community. Read about our community involvement here.

Working with Midlake to design a custom, spring-loaded hinge was an extraordinary experience.  Their fantastic collaboration felt more like an extension of our engineering department versus an external vendor.

I discovered Midlake by scouring online for custom hinge manufacturers.  Within 30 minutes of filling out their online form, Midlake called and we set up a conference call the next morning. [The friendly people at Midlake] essentially convinced me in a handful of minutes that they were the company we wanted to work with.  Within days, we received a very fair quote, and within a week I began to work closely with their engineering team developing the prototype. [Midlake’s engineering], went above and beyond all metrics of professionalism, support, communication, and attentiveness.  It was blatantly obvious [Midlake was] fully vested in our product’s success.  After [working with their engineering department to determine the necessary variables], the first attempt at the prototype hinges was remarkably precise.  It was beautiful in regards to both its form and function.

As collaboration with Midlake comes to a close with our product exiting the prototyping phase and onto pre-production, we are optimistic about future endeavors with this company.  To sum up my overall impression would be this: Midlake consists of crafty, professional, and just plain good, honest people that love—and excel at—what they do.

Brett Van Leeuwen

Engineering, Wood Stone Corporation

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