If you’re looking for a specific hinge, you probably hope to find it off the shelf. We’ve found customers often compromise fit and functionality in order to use an off-the-shelf product.

I hope you’ll talk to us at Midlake first.

Midlake makes custom hinges to your specific application, and we do it within your pricing and delivery requirements. Many people believe a custom hinge costs more, but we’ve found it’s more cost-effective to use the right hinge for the job.

We offer development, prototype, production, stocking, distribution and contract manufacturing. And you’ll have the assurance you’re using a family-owned, ISO-certified, American manufacturer.

Whether you need a spring hinge, continuous hinge or butt hinge, I know Midlake can provide it for you. And if for some reason we can’t, we’ll point you in the direction of someone who can. Either way, Midlake has the answer to your hinge questions.

We’re only a click or phone call away.


Best regards,

Jeff Rich
President and Owner of Midlake Products & Mfg. Company, Inc.


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