Why does a $2 imported, off the shelf butt hinge cost more than a $5 American made custom continuous hinge?

Consider this indoor application: a laminated wood door that weighs less than 2 pounds, attached to a cabinet. With constant cost pressure, why not go with the cheaper alternative hinge? After all, it’s only 2 pounds, right?

Case Study #15: The Gorilla Factor.

A long-standing customer of ours was under tremendous pressure to reduce cost. Every component and vendor were scrutinized. Because of the annual volume and perceived high cost associated with solutions like custom hinges, our custom continuous hinges became an easy target for replacement.

Unfortunately, for a short period of time, our customer felt they had no choice but to switch to the lower cost hinge alternative. And, for a short time, it appeared all was good with this decision—Until the calls started coming into our customer with complaints about failures and even injuries in the field.

As it turns out, a two-pound door with cheap hinges won’t support an 800-pound gorilla, or a 300-pound stock boy. Upon investigation, it was discovered that, while the doors themselves were indeed only 2 pounds, the employees stocking the shelves and using the doors to assist in lifting them back to their feet were not. They were literally adding hundreds of pounds of force to hinges designed to handle 2 pounds! Also, the doors were pushed and banged into with handcarts and boxes adding additional stress to the doors and hinges.

It was quickly realized that the perceived high cost and the low-value custom continuous hinge was actually the lower cost alternative and provided significant value over the cheaply imported counterpart.

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