Custom Hinge Solutions

Partner with Midlake for full-service custom hinge solutions that save you time and money.





Integrated Solutions

Our team can help you streamline multiple components into a single custom hinge so you don’t need to use multiple vendors.





Spring Hinges

We manufacturer spring hinges that are made for your application and to your specification.



Custom Hinges - It's What We Do

Your project is 98% finished. Ready to launch. And the commodity hinge is all wrong. Now what?

Midlake by the Numbers

From the quality of our products, to the efficiency of our process, we stand by our work.

About Midlake Custom Hinge

We’ve been in the hinge business for decades. In that time, we’ve built millions of custom hinges. It’s all we do.

Midlake Custom Hinge


 How Midlake combined nine vendors into just one 

Tell Me About Custom Hinges

We work with with OEMs to produce hinges that are not found on the shelf.

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"To sum up my overall impression would be this: Midlake consists of crafty, professional, and just plain good, honest people that love—and excel at—what they do."

- Brett Van Leeuwen
Engineering, Wood Stone Corporation

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